Franchise Concept Development Services

Brand Inventors is a one-of-a-kind company specialising inĀ Franchise Concept Development Services. We design and develop new branded concepts that have a franchise ready foundation. We assist you with all your standardization processes to form a solid consistency and by doing so we help you create a manageable brand.

How does it work?

Brand Inventors offer a wide range of services which can be applied to your business in many different ways at different times and stages. We’ve dealt with existing brands looking to develop a franchise model of their already successful business and we’ve also helped clients develop brands from scratch. It doesn’t matter where in the pipeline you may find yourself – there are always some services we offer that are applicable to your current position and needs.

How can we help you?

Brand Inventors can help you with various tasks like brand development, full store design, point of sale design, stand design, mobile shop design, packaging design and much more. If you’re thinking of starting a new business and need some assistance on any level please feel free to contact us. We can help you win over landlords with great presentations, save you development cost and help you set up a good and proper foundation.

Service Descriptions

Technical Design & Drafting

Our technical design and drafting service includes all technical aspects of your retail space. This includes ceiling plans, floor plans, flow analysis, manufacturing drawings and much more. These drawings are usually needed to get certain approvals from landlords and municipalities.

3D Design & Visualizations

Our 3D design service is where the real secret in store design is. This service allows us to see exactly what the visual effect is going to be and it also puts all the various service providers on the same page. The photo realistic drawings that we produce will create a clear final goal.

Brand Development & Marketing

Our brand development and marketing design services include all graphical elements required to communicate your brand clearly to investors and customers. This service includes all digital media like websites, apps, and motion media as well as traditional printed media like flyers, menu’s and more…

Training Material Development

Our training material development is one of a kind. We have a range of various systems in place which you can manage digitally. We create training systems which are cloud based and allow you to update information from any location anytime. This means everyone is updated all the time.